A Night in Brighton (England)

Various things come to mind when one thinks about an English seaside town. A young, buzzing night life however, is not one of them. Brighton’s city centre offers a multitude of options for a weekend night out. Alleyway cocktail bars, singing hairdressers serenading passers by on the street, jazz clubs and pier situated rides (weather permitting) are just some of the activities England’s favourite seaside town has to offer.

Its easy to just throw all plans out the window and see where the night takes you. There’s so much choice you can just wander through the city’s famous lanes and perhaps stumble upon a small cocktail bar that wraps you in its fresh lemon scent as soon as you walk through the just as lemony fresh yellow painted door…

IMG_1061So next time you’re in England’s favourite seaside town, throw caution to the wind (seriously might need to think about a nice jacket to battle that fresh sea breeze) and take a wander through the lanes and backstreets to find your new favourite weekend spot.

Words and Images by Melissa Griffin.

Strolling Through Oxford


An afternoon stroll through Oxford’s iconic cobblestone streets is all it takes to fall in love with the university town’s many spires and brick laden buildings.



Oxford is perhaps best viewed through its grand windows, framing the history and knowledge that comes with a town world renowned for intelligence and aptitude for cycling. 


Words and Images by Melissa Griffin.